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v introduction
playerpal 2600 v 2.1
by kirkjerk
a javascript-based editor for atari 2600 graphics
use your mouse to paint on the main canvas.
change scanline colors with the toggle on the side.
select current frame on the right.
you can use frame cut and paste,
view the frames as an animation,
or even export to batariBASIC or ASM code!
v image edit controls
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< >   /\
<=\\ //=>
    player size:
height: /(?)

include colors
all frames
wrap edges
> advanced properties
> view animation
> generate code
> import code
v todo
2008.12.24: switched some stuff around (put the color picker on the left side) and added batariBASIC generator code.

Old Stuff
  • add UI and passthrough for other things SpriteMan code can customize
  • Maybe add "LOADING..." at top, then remove once loaded... (fat page!)
  • reading in data as well....
  • help/acknowledgements
  • let frames have names, which should show up near the thumbnails and then in the output
  • visual indicator of current background frame for onionskin...POSTPONED
  • BUG: what happened to 'X' when rechoosing color?
  • BUG: frames not returning to right place after animation - have to revamp
  • BUG: onion skin bug in thumbnail - POSTPONED
  • BUG: onion skin, look at vary opaque ala Lee's suggestion - POSTPONED
  • BROWSER BUG: color picker takes long time to close in IE...
  • BROWSER BUG: Opera, color picker shows up behind other bits??
  • BUG: making a wide thing...thumbnails only as wide as table allows and table not bigger than the screen
  • show bgcolor value in right place
  • put bgcolor behind small versions
  • color rows in big and small
  • (default white)
  • animation
  • scroll u/d/l/r
  • switch for PAL/NTSC change
  • collapsable control panels
  • make "no color" a removable button for color picker (background can't have "no color")
  • check for onselect or something in IE
  • resizable canvas
  • scale of big canvas and small
  • copy/paste - need decision, keep "copy" button along with "cut" and "paste"?
  • nice title
  • "onion skin"? (show other frame as faded out background for main canvas)
  • bug of radio button not checked on reload(form issue?), also click anywhere on td???
  • BUG: color sidebar not right when not editing one?
  • BUG: resizing issue when width of color sidebar changes
  • BUG: animation not picking up correct frames when ones skipped
  • generate source data
  • generate runnable source code
  • do height of sprite, bgcolor and other settable parts in output code...
  • if bufferheight decreased, erase extra lines....
  • Mirror/Flip/rotate
  • MINOR BUG: need to force frame 0 selected w/ radio button
  • tweak width of thumbnails so they are closer to what shows up on atari...make NTSC 5:3 and PAL 4:2?